Sunday, May 25, 2008

Prince Caspian...

I don't know exactly how, but the more I listen to this song that comes at the end of the latest Narnia film, the more I know I'm going to use it to inspire some of my book. This YouTube video is JUST the lyrics...which is fine by me..I like the lyrics plenty good. Isn't it pretty?!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Notes from SPI...

Yay for South Padre Island! The sun is shining right now so I'm headed out to take some pictures of the beach soon. It feels so good to have the sand in my toes and the waves rocking my body! We've been here since Wednesday and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Tomorrow we have to leave, though! Sad puppies.

Mom found a lovely 3 bedroom condo where we're staying - Scott & I have the biggest room but the smallest 2 person bed (although we can choose between 2 full-size beds...they are both full-size.) We've played much foosball, much Settlers of Catan, much Wii and much 42. Oh...and we've been playing in the waves every day. Today I discovered the amazing feeling that is bobbing just further out than where the waves break - you really feel the motion of the ocean!

Next week we're gonna get our BMW ready for the driving around. I still need to learn to operate the stick shift - so that's going to be fun! I'm looking forward to seeing both my Abilene friends and soon my Dallas friends and my Wichita Falls & Oklahoma family. Lots and lots of good times ahead, that's for sure!

I'll post pictures when we get back home - no camera connector here.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

To-Do List (Updated and really for my own information anyways)

Okay, so I'm just now realizing how much I have the ability to forget...and how much needs to be DONE before we leave the country! So, the best solution is a To-Do list...and I thought I'd put it here, so I couldn't forget where it was!

- Go by the Walk-in clinic and get "Well Woman Check." (That sounds so much less awkward and painful than it actually is!) (Done.)

- Purchase prescription for full year based on said Dr.'s visit (Done.)

- Get re-imbursed by the ISC for health insurance money refund (this requires Scott and the "leaving the country documents" package) (--> Will do on Friday)

- Create said "leaving the country documents" package (Done & copied!)
* Airline tickets
* Passports with visa
* Acceptance letter from Texas
* Rejection letter from Toronto
* Rejection letter from OSAP
*Application for University of Texas Apartments

- Cancel Phone & Internet (LTC docs req.) (Done...except for paying the bills they will send)

- Purchase additional suitcase (bring scale to weigh options) (Duffel bag purchased!)

- PACK!!

- Go to Awesome Thai Restaurant one more time

- Set up bank account for remote administration & closing (Done. Except for closing accounts.)

- Give forwarding address to Kelly Services & TSI for next year's tax docs. (Letters written & mailed.)

- Visit Corinne @ Bimm for lunch (12:30PM, Thursday May 8)

- Don't forget to call the Canadian Tax People from the US (maybe during Dallas layover?)

- Clean the apartment

- Set-up car insurance to start on the 18th of May (when we return from our vacation)

- Set-up temporary health insurance

- Write list of "books to read on the beach" to have Lynna pull from the box at home

That's all for now...but I KNOW there's more that I'm forgetting...this is why I need to make this list! Because I forget things!

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Okay, so in some ways my blog is turning into what Scott is calling my "extra brain." What this means is that I'm putting things in here that are sometimes more for my information than anyone else' I would in a journal! We've done the math for our driving this summer and it's surprisingly good news. If you're interested in the nitty-gritty, here it is: (I'm going to try to get one of those "jump" things that I can add selectively...but for the moment, no such luck.)

Abilene to Wichita Falls:
  • 143 miles
  • 7.25 gallons
  • $30

Wichita Falls to Plano:
  • 138 miles
  • 7.25 gallons
  • $30
Drive Around Plano/Dallas

Plano to Possum Kingdom
  • 123 miles
  • 6.25 gallons
  • $25

Possum Kingdom to Wichita Falls
  • 83 miles
  • 4.25 gallons
  • $20

(Not sure how going to Oklahoma is going to work...but we're toodle-ing around with shall not be driving all the time. Uncertain still at the moment.)

Wichita Falls to Abilene
  • 143 miles
  • 7.25 gallons
  • $30

Total for visiting people: $200

In addition, we have the following:
Round Trip Abilene to Mansfield to pick up our couch (Dad's truck): $125

Each RT to Austin from Abilene: $125
Each Truck RT to Austin: $175

Total budget for trip gas:

Wow...most of that is moving expenses! Ah well...c'est la vie. More math to come as I figure out the rest of the summer budget. I'm sure you're soooo interested!

Oh! Oh! Those Summer Nights!

I've realized that, while it feels like I've been telling everyone everything it's just not so! So here's the full scoop on our coming back to Texas and the summer plans we have made and will make...

Scott's accepted a position at the University of Texas PhD program - he'll get a TA'ship, which pays for tuition and adds insurance and a $13,000 stipend. We'll live in Austin and hopefully I'll get a job at the university. We're also planning on "living green" - doing eco-friendly things like taking the shuttle (heh...nevermind that it is also quite stress-friendly and wallet-friendly!), drying clothes out in the warm Texas sun and being conscious of what we have plugged in and why. Eventually (hopefully in a year's time) we'll buy a house and be able to put some of the more lasting changes and ideas I've got into motion...but that's really another blog post.

Anyways, we'll move up to Austin in August...or when I get a job, whichever comes first. If you know of good, friendly companies in the central Austin area, let me know - right now that University is my main focus, but I'm open to alternative suggestions.

The beginning of the summer is chock full of adventure - we'll fly in all the way to Abilene (due to using AAdvantage miles for one ticket, this costs less than the gas my folks would have used to pick us up) on the 13th of May (wow, less than 2 weeks, yay!). My mom has planned a family vacation, so we're going to immediately hop in the car and head to South Padre Island (see picture of our SPI bungalow on right) on the 14th. I won't even have time to pack for that trip! I'm trusting the Momma and the Swissa to do all that for us!

We'll get back from SPI on the 18th, spend most of that week getting Scott's car in shape and inspected. Possible side-trips include seeing Prince Caspian with friends, playing Super Smash Bros with friends and generally, hanging out with awesome Abilene friends. (But there's lots of time for that later, too!)

The following weekend is the 23rd - 25th birthday is the 23rd, we're heading to Dallas to celebrate. Mom hath reserve'd the earlier parts of the Birth-Day for celebrating with family, depending on Dallas plans, we might even decide to head there on Saturday...but I don't know about that...I anticipate late night shennanigans and I want to be on top of my game...i.e. not stepping right out of the car to go see the movie!

Right now, the Dallas plans are looking to happen on that Saturday, the 24th, I think we've got some friends who may cook some good grilled foods (cross fingers!) and we'll gather a group together to go see Indiana Jones at the matinee (being penny pinchers). We may also plan random $2 movie on Sunday or random playing of Wii...or watching of Dr. Who...or whatever, we'll see. I think asides from Saturday, we'll be playing it by ear. We have a place to stay in Dallas (thanks Heidi-chan!) and lots of friends to party with...the good times, they shall also roll.

There's a slight chance we'll find enough people with money that we'll go to Scarbie on the 26th, but probably we'll be headed up to Scott's folk's lake house at Possum Kingdom (my heart just shivers at the money we'll be spending on GAS!)

After that, we'll spend the rest of May with Scott's folks in Wichita Falls and the first bit of June is reserved for visiting his family in Oklahoma. Then back to Abilene to live, pack and begin a job hunt.

Once I get some interviews lined up, we'll move the job hunt to a friend's house in Austin. We're really hoping to be settled in Austin before our 2nd anniversary - the absolute dream would be that I got a job at the University starting some time in July and the University Housing would come available at that same time.

We are decidedly psyched about moving down to Austin - we have lots of friends there and the town is so pretty and interesting. We also have lots of friends in the Houston/College Station, time and money permitting, we'd love to go to CS sometime at the end of the summer. And if time and money run out, that'll definitely be our first weekend trip of the fall. Mmmmm Texas fall.... I am SO looking forward to Texas weather. I have missed my sunshine to a dreadful degree!

So, that's the full scoop, my friends! If you have any input to put-in, then do let me know! We are definitely looking forward to spending fun times with all of ya'll - whether in Abilene or Dallas or Austin or wherever!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Futuure sewing projects

Isn't this dress cute? I really like it. Unfortunately, it costs $100. However, I have a solution! I shall sew a look-alike! I mean, if I can take a picture and then find a pattern and modify it and sew it myself, then I can get it for much less than $100, right?

This is the plan. There's another dress, not quite as awesome...but as long as I'm sewing....

Wow, I really miss sewing. I know that this tailored dress is a bit of an ambitious project (it'll have to have a lining, for one thing...that'll be a new step for me!) But I think I'm ready...hopefully, I'll end up with a dress that I'll be happy to wear to work and church. If I don't...well, then where would I wear it?! It'll just HAVE to be that good!