Wednesday, May 07, 2008

To-Do List (Updated and really for my own information anyways)

Okay, so I'm just now realizing how much I have the ability to forget...and how much needs to be DONE before we leave the country! So, the best solution is a To-Do list...and I thought I'd put it here, so I couldn't forget where it was!

- Go by the Walk-in clinic and get "Well Woman Check." (That sounds so much less awkward and painful than it actually is!) (Done.)

- Purchase prescription for full year based on said Dr.'s visit (Done.)

- Get re-imbursed by the ISC for health insurance money refund (this requires Scott and the "leaving the country documents" package) (--> Will do on Friday)

- Create said "leaving the country documents" package (Done & copied!)
* Airline tickets
* Passports with visa
* Acceptance letter from Texas
* Rejection letter from Toronto
* Rejection letter from OSAP
*Application for University of Texas Apartments

- Cancel Phone & Internet (LTC docs req.) (Done...except for paying the bills they will send)

- Purchase additional suitcase (bring scale to weigh options) (Duffel bag purchased!)

- PACK!!

- Go to Awesome Thai Restaurant one more time

- Set up bank account for remote administration & closing (Done. Except for closing accounts.)

- Give forwarding address to Kelly Services & TSI for next year's tax docs. (Letters written & mailed.)

- Visit Corinne @ Bimm for lunch (12:30PM, Thursday May 8)

- Don't forget to call the Canadian Tax People from the US (maybe during Dallas layover?)

- Clean the apartment

- Set-up car insurance to start on the 18th of May (when we return from our vacation)

- Set-up temporary health insurance

- Write list of "books to read on the beach" to have Lynna pull from the box at home

That's all for now...but I KNOW there's more that I'm forgetting...this is why I need to make this list! Because I forget things!

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Lily Brown said...

OO! That would be really fun! I'm excited that yall are moving back!