Saturday, May 03, 2008


Okay, so in some ways my blog is turning into what Scott is calling my "extra brain." What this means is that I'm putting things in here that are sometimes more for my information than anyone else' I would in a journal! We've done the math for our driving this summer and it's surprisingly good news. If you're interested in the nitty-gritty, here it is: (I'm going to try to get one of those "jump" things that I can add selectively...but for the moment, no such luck.)

Abilene to Wichita Falls:
  • 143 miles
  • 7.25 gallons
  • $30

Wichita Falls to Plano:
  • 138 miles
  • 7.25 gallons
  • $30
Drive Around Plano/Dallas

Plano to Possum Kingdom
  • 123 miles
  • 6.25 gallons
  • $25

Possum Kingdom to Wichita Falls
  • 83 miles
  • 4.25 gallons
  • $20

(Not sure how going to Oklahoma is going to work...but we're toodle-ing around with shall not be driving all the time. Uncertain still at the moment.)

Wichita Falls to Abilene
  • 143 miles
  • 7.25 gallons
  • $30

Total for visiting people: $200

In addition, we have the following:
Round Trip Abilene to Mansfield to pick up our couch (Dad's truck): $125

Each RT to Austin from Abilene: $125
Each Truck RT to Austin: $175

Total budget for trip gas:

Wow...most of that is moving expenses! Ah well...c'est la vie. More math to come as I figure out the rest of the summer budget. I'm sure you're soooo interested!

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MLynna said...

I am interested in the math! well, kinda. Okay, not really. But I am interested in how your brain works - does that count?