Thursday, May 01, 2008

Futuure sewing projects

Isn't this dress cute? I really like it. Unfortunately, it costs $100. However, I have a solution! I shall sew a look-alike! I mean, if I can take a picture and then find a pattern and modify it and sew it myself, then I can get it for much less than $100, right?

This is the plan. There's another dress, not quite as awesome...but as long as I'm sewing....

Wow, I really miss sewing. I know that this tailored dress is a bit of an ambitious project (it'll have to have a lining, for one thing...that'll be a new step for me!) But I think I'm ready...hopefully, I'll end up with a dress that I'll be happy to wear to work and church. If I don't...well, then where would I wear it?! It'll just HAVE to be that good!

1 comment:

MLynna said...

looks like if you can make it work without the buckle and with something poofy underneath it could be a ren-faire peasant dress.

Is good!