Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Okay, as many of you know, we're headed back to Texas on May 13th - 2 weeks from yesterday. I'm still working at the MBA program at the U of T, gaining both experience and money. Since the plan is for this money to last us the summer (along with free rent and food ala parents (yay parents!), every day of money earned is a good day. On the other hand, I have so much to organize...I don't want to leave it all 'til the last minute. It's a dilemma alrighty.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of Tom Lehrer. Very whimsical guy, Tom Lehrer.

I packed up 50 lbs of clothes in a bag...actually, it was 41 pounds of clothes and 9 pounds of bag...why does the bag have to weigh so much?! And this was the bag we purposefully bought for it's lightness! The others weigh a full 10 pounds. I wish I could find a 5 pound bag for my "fourth bag purchase." I also wish Scott didn't have to take his guitar as his carry-on...that truly limits our options. It means all the electronics have to fit into my carry on. And, while I don't regret having Ginger bring up my blender, it's been awesome to have, it weighs 10 lbs! I look at everything around me and I see lbs and $$'s sad but true.

We'd like to bring back our laser printer - but are prepared to not. When we bought the printer, we knew we might have to leave it here. So, it's okay if we have to.

Anyone know any cheap ways to ship anything from Canada to the US? I sure wish I did.

I'll be missing the street meat - or maybe not. Maybe Austin will have it's own variation on this'd be nifty. Oxford had Kebabs, Toronto has Sausages...who knows what we'll find in Austin.

I wish I could get back to writing more. I love to write and haven't been doing it enough lately. Hopefully our South Padre Island vacation will give me time to relax with my notebook and a frosty beverage. Maybe in a hammock. Hmmm...I should also prepare a list of "books I own that I want Lynna to pull from the boxes and pack for vacation reading."


MLynna said...

You did say you'd give me a list over the weekend. *looks at calendar* ah well. I understands. :)

Anonymous said...

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