Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I didn't realize how the day had worn me down until now...

Sometimes I think it would be good to work all by myself from home - because the politics and the people can get on your nerves. It's almost like a prison some days, locked in a room with the same people all day every day for a whole week. If you don't build a REAL rapport with your coworkers, then you're doomed for not good days. Many not good days.

So, pray for me you guys. Because one of my coworkers has decided that I'm trying to edge her out for a job that I don't even need to keep past the end of the month. It just sucks. Because my days are not going well...and I'm trying, I'm trying to be a good Christian....they know I'm a Christian...but it's a hard thing. And it's all these subtle things...people intentionally going into other rooms to talk away from me...snide comments...it's just hard. I'm facing a bad situation and I need to make the best of it. Pray for me. Because I need strength tomorrow. Strength I don't know I have.

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