Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today is better by far

Well, last night a literal load was lifted off my shoulders when our lovely landlady Virginia offered to mail books for us from the states (Media Mail being inexpensive). We took her up on the offer and packed two boxes with a total of 55 pounds of books! These are books we now do not have to pack, do not have to carry to the airport and do not have to pay overage fees on! YAY FOR VIRGINIA! God has truly blessed us with a wonderful landlady this year. I can only hope our next year's living arrangements can be equally friendly.

Also, things seem to have cooled down at the office. My co-worker who was mad at me yesterday has been quite amicable today. I think more in her life is stressing her than just this job and she kind of let that stress out on me yesterday. It's okay...I just wish I'd known now what I know then - would have made my life a lot less miserable.

Finally, I brought a fan from the house (again, thanks to Virginia, The Great Landlady) which makes the temperatures in our office much more bearable. It's not really hot here - just very, very stale. And they've said they're going to turn off the we should be dressing for A/C in about 2 weeks time. Yay!

I also got a good night's sleep with pleasant dreams. Even though we went to bed late last night (due to packing boxes with books, so a good late!) I slept almost 8 hours and felt rested when I woke up. I could have easily slept more...but I was okay with the amount I got.

God is good to me. He takes care of His daughter. He loves me. It's amazing how quickly I can feel His love when I need it - I just wish that I could feel it even when the outward situations are not so conducive as they are at this moment. Them's the hard times.

Also, we can has tickets! Flying in to Abilene at 8:30PM on Tuesday, May 13th! It was not terribly more expensive to fly in to Abilene - so we'll catch the puddle jumper from Dallas and save my folks a trip. See ya'll soon!

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