Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Glorious Day!

Hmm, it seems that I shall be using this blog for it's most stereotypical purpose - to tell about my day. How very normal of me.

This morning was highly successful. I woke up at 9AM and yawned, turned over, went back to sleep for a little bit. Then, come 10, I got up and hauled the Reluctant Husband out of bed as well. Setting him on the task of laundry & dishes, I proceeded to clean other parts of the house. Together, we have made our small apartment MUCH more habitable, with novelties such as a cleaned off coffee table, mopped up floor and clean laundry hung in closets not in piles on floor. YAY!

Then, we headed out, taking the TTC to Chinatown to purchase some fruit for our fun times planned for the afternoon. After acquiring fruit, we TTC'd down to the Eaton Centre where we waited for our friend Sybila at Lush (after a brief pit stop for a VERY TASTY lemonade for me and a quite good Raspberry Tea for Scott.

We then went out to the Toronto Island, where we really just meandered around, appreciating the amazing weather and lovely scenery. We'd hoped to be able to take the little trolley they offer there, but it was closed for "winter" (even though it was 70 degrees today). Ah well. It was amazing just to be out in nature, walking among trees and to look out at the beautiful lake and just talk with Sybila, who is a truly unique, wonderful and interesting person. (And no, I don't think she reads this blog, so I'm not playing to my audience.)

Then, Sybila took us to an AMAZING Thai food restaurant. Not only did I have some of the best food I've had in Toronto, but I also discovered how to use my sticky rice - it requires mangos & coconut milk to make instant amazing! mmm mmmm nom nom.

Then, completely unexpected, Sybila offered to treat us to a movie. We went to the nearest theatre, which was playing only things none of us had heard of. We were willing to give it a shot, though and signed up for "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day." Awesome. Movie.

This is the movie I will be showing to my in-laws and EVERYONE from Ginger to Terry to Taylor will enjoy it - all for different reasons, but all, I think, sincerely & equally. I'm not AS sure that my family would enjoy it...but if they could get past the "1950's pin-up" moments, then I think we'd all be enjoying ourselves greatly. (See Scott's blog for further review of this movie.)

THEN we take the train home and, literally 6 minutes after we walk in the door, as I'm pulling on my comfy sit-around-the-house PJs, Kent calls us. And I proceed to have a rip-roaring conversation with him. Such fun! I am really looking forward to being able to enjoy my friends on a regular, not-so-long-distance basis in the near future. And, while I will miss my Toronto friends, we will be able to host people at our house again with ease...and THAT, my friends, is something I am truly looking forward to.

Now Scott is talking to nears 11PM...and the day has been terrific. Thank you God, for this wonderful, beautiful day!

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