Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Times, they are a-changin'

Well, I feel down right sheepish. No blog posting in so very, very long! And even now, I really have not much to say. It's Valentine's Day, but Scott & I are waiting 'til we're a little less stressed - right now there is much school going on. So we'll celebrate next week sometime - he has a reading week next week, so no going to school, just lots of reading here at home.

Super Mario Galaxy. It calls my name. But, even more, I know I need to chop veggies. Ah, the joys of wifely bliss. I take care of my hubby - because he takes care of me! YAY!

I had to say no to a job yesterday because I had a massive headache. In fact, just thinking about the headache now makes me remember what it was like and that's no fun! Why did I have a headache? Because of the poor priorities of the people who I was working for on Tuesday! There was this buzzing noise! And it went on and off at random intervals. For 7 hours. Hence: Headache.

Now I go chop veggies. Nom nom. That is all. So exciting, no? Maybe tomorrow I will get day-after-valentine's chocolates on sale. Tasty goodness! But what I really want is a cadbury creme egg. Now that's something I could really like!

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