Friday, January 11, 2008


So, since it's officially 2008...the year the presidential election is ACTUALLY IN...I figure, I can allow myself some political meanderings.

Before the Iowa caucus & New Hampshire primary, I was a tad worried that Mr. Wishy Washy (AKA Rudy Guiliani) had a good shot at the republican nomination. If that had been the case, I was going to have to ponder voting democratic. I'd still love to vote the Texas primary...because I really, really, really don't want Hilary Clinton to come anywhere near the white house. She's been there once already...we don't need her there again. Plus, I thought we were over the whole "presidential dynasty" thing! I mean...we've had it with the we're going back to the Clintons?, I know, those republicans are all over the board. But I'm much happier with John McCain or Huckabee than I was with Guiliani. Now, the super cool thing would be if Ron Paul got into the big race (i.e. past the primaries). Wouldn't that be interesting?

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