Friday, January 11, 2008

Lo. Behold. The Weekend Cometh

Well, Scott has finished up his school for the day while I have completed a marathon of cleaning. As long as you ignore the bathroom and the bedroom, the apartment has never been cleaner! (Which means, for the few who were counting, that I really only cleaned 1 room.) I swept, I wiped, I washed & I vacuumed. I feel accomplished!

Now, of course, cleaning is not my favorite thing to do in the world. This is part of the reason I feel so good after taking out the trash, washing the dishes (dishwashers are for wimps! I wanna be a wimp...), scrubbing the counter tops, etc. I have accomplished a Wife Task. And for that, I get Wife Points (AKA kisses) and the privilege of playing Wii on a day when I didn't have work without feeling bad about playing while Scott's studying.

Even though we made a Gigantic Grocery Run of Heavy Doom, spending the most money on groceries since we first got established, I already have a long list of new things we need. Most of them are "once off" items...those pesky little things you can't budget for because you never know what they'll be or when you'll need them. I can go quite a few months without buying plastic bags or pencils, y'know...just not something one budgets for. And, since Scott & I are on a "live life as cheaply as humanly possible...and then splurge to feel human" budget, these extra expenditures are meaning we're being really careful of our food & splurge budget. But, thank goodness, I have a week + 2 days job starting that's good. Thank you God, for the job that came at the end of the day from the agency I hadn't called yet!

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