Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fighting the Temporary Battle

Well, today I had no work. Which was no fault of mine. Or is it? This is the constant battle I fight. I had a job opportunity - but it involved outbound calling. Now, I may be a temp, but I've got my standards and I refuse to do outbound calling. So, I turned down the job and spent the day running errands, researching how the Canadian taxes and American taxes work together and feeling a tad useless.

But, thanks to the support of my loving husband, I can't feel guilty (yet). Somewhere out there, is a company that needs me for longer than a few days. And I'll keep on fighting the temporary battle until they find me. And, someday, I'll be able to get a real job, a permanent job, and hopefully a fun, interesting and good job.

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Rachel said...

Good for you and your principles!