Monday, January 07, 2008

A little night music

Well, the day draws to a close and I have completed the night-before-work ritual of picking out tomorrow's outfit. I'm glad it's brown - I get to wear my new boots! Which is good, because the latest temp job will be requiring a walk in the park on my way to and from work. Hopefully this one will last just this week - as I don't know how I feel about 30 minute lunches and snowy walks quite yet. Well, I say that could be awesome people and thence I shall want to keep it...I just don't know.

This whole "temp" thing is not always the coolness it is made out to be. Sometimes you get good jobs...sometimes you get bum jobs. And there's almost always no way to tell which it will be until you've already committed to it. Ah well. Here's to one week as a receptionist for a cosmetic surgeon. Will it be a face lift or a downward slide? I'll know better tomorrow!

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