Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Riding the Rocket

Taking the Toronto Transit Commision (TTC) AKA "Riding the Rocket" is indeed a small bit like riding inside a very small, cramped rocket. This is, of course, only at rush hour. Other times of day, one will often enjoy having much of the bus to oneself. But, "riding the rocket" at rush hour is an experience that, I feel, makes me that much more of a true Torontonian...Torontoer...Torontan....whatever. Here are a few of the more unique episodes, the good, the bad and the decidedly odd.

Indian Man with an I-Pod full of Indian music, I hope your music sounds better than your unconscious singing of it.

Driver of streetcar #512 on Queen street, thank you. You brightened my day as I came home from the Temp Job That Would Not End.

I have learned my lesson well, oh ms. blind beggar woman, I will not be helping you down onto the subway to beg in a loud voice right next to me again. Ever.

And, oh crazy woman whose constant monologue to anyone who will listen informs one and all that her ex-husband shall get no support from her...back to the slammer with him, death row addict with his death row friends. Thank you. For sharing.

With only one exception, TTC drivers have been remarkably nice, pleasant people. So, whoever does their hiring does a pretty good job. And, whenever people ask what my favorite thing about living in Toronto is...I shall say without hesitation "not driving."

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