Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gearing up...

So, when you start off on a bicycle, you hopefully start where the ground is flat. Then, after a little while, perhaps you go up a hill. If you're a normal person (i.e. not my brother whose bicycles are interesting & odd... love you bro!) you have gears to help you transition smoothly from the flat ground to the uphill climb. The reward for all of this is the thrilling sensation of flying DOWN the hill...well, unless you live in certain parts of Austin, where in order to get that, you really need to just turn around - because when you reach the top of one hill, lo and behold, there is another hill. Not saying this from personal experience mind you - my bike has not yet left the back porch (for shame!), but having driven in these areas, I can imagine biking them.

All this to say - November is coming. And with November is NaNoWriMo (that's National Novel Writing Month for those of you who don't know). And so, in preparation for my uphill attempt towards 50,000 words & a completed story, I'm going to endeavor to post in my blog much more often. Perhaps not every day, but my goal shall remain 7 posts a week.

This post, explaining what I'm up to, is not even the "flat land" right now I'm standing by the bike, contemplating my tires, checking the gears, etc. It's been a looong time since I was last on this particular machine and I want to make sure all is in running order.

Wish me luck!


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