Thursday, June 18, 2009

This world is not my home, so while I'm passing through...

Myself, my husband and a few of our associates are pondering a trip down to Cape Canaveral this November to watch a shuttle launch. Details are still pending - but if it works out, it'll be one of those memories we keep for our grandchildren. As I was telling a friend about this, she asked me if seeing a shuttle launch was on my "bucket list." Now, not having made a "bucket list," I'm thinking that's impossible - but not for long! People's goals change, what I value will change - so I thought it might be a good idea to make a list of "Things to do while I'm passing through" - even if I don't ever accomplish them all, it'll be interesting to see how, in 1, 5 or 10 years, this list has changed: what items have been crossed out, what has been added, and what, if anything, has become less important.

1) Explore Europe as Husband & Wife
Scott and I had a lot of fun in Oxford, but it was the "getting to know you in a new context" kind of fun. Perhaps my best memory with my Mom (so far!) is when we spent a week travelling around Europe, exploring new cultures and learning about each other. I really want that kind of an experience with Scott - preferably without kids (so either in the next few years or with a really awesome baby-sitter/ grandma!).

2) Live in a foreign land I want to put down at least semi-roots somewhere that is not in America. Toronto might count for Scott, as he had the stability of the university, but not for me - as I never really had the necessary "tethers" to make our life in Canada stable for me. I want a steady income, scheduled life, health plan, bank, neighbors, the whole nine yards. Ideally, English would not be the native tongue and we would stay for more than a year.

3) Have kids Okay, this might seem to be a "given" - but I know there'll come a time some day mid-way through this whole "have kids" process when I'm wondering why in the world I ever stopped taking birth control. This item is on the list to remind me that I want to have that moment, move past it and appreciate all the wonderful moments that come before, during and after. Scott, my love, I can't wait to see you as a dad and I can't wait to be a mom!

4) Relax at a spa This is on the list because if it wasn't, it would never happen as it is too much money for one day's worth of pleasure. But I really want to do the whole "spa treatment" thing - preferably as part of #1 or #2, as then I'd have a chance of experiencing a traditional spa day, whether it be Japanese baths, Roman baths or Russian travelling spas, I'm up for it!

5) Go PAST my limits I'm not sure what activity this will end up being - but I'm confident its out there. Whether sky diving or climbing a really big mountain or performing on stage in front of a large audience, I want to find my comfort zone and step out of it in a major and memorable way.

6) Publish Something I have too many stories inside of me to not complete and submit something for publishing at least once every year or so. With enough persistence, maybe one of my stories or books would get published. Even if that doesn't happen, though, I want to go through the process.

7) Attend Burning Man Fire, lots of fire and things ON fire and music and, oh, the moment I heard about this festival I knew it was for me!

8) Sleep in the Redwoods I've been there once, now I want to go camping! I only have vague memories of these giant trees, so I want to make firm ones and have the whole experience.

9) Take a road trip With a group of solid friends. At the end, we'll all either love each other or hate each other. I want this experience!

You may notice that seeing a shuttle launch is not on this list. Well, I think Scott ought to have SOME things that are on his list and not mine, right? And, although I am as psyched as it is possible to be about something that is at the "still figuring out if its possible" stage of planning, seeing a shuttle launch has never been something I've always said "I want to DO THAT!" about - so it doesn't go on the list...yet. If I am denied this opportunity, it may make its way onto the list.

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