Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Merrie Monthe of May

Okay, I started to write a post about what's been happening in the last month (MONTH!) - but there's a few things still going on. Enough that I'm seriously still too overwhelmed to write about it in detail. Suffice it to say that:
May 1st (Friday) - purchased house
May 2nd (Saturday) - moved into house
May 6th (Wednesday) - house got carpet
May 8th (Friday) - in Dallas to see new Star Trek movie with Trekkie friends (AWESOME!)
May 9th (Saturday) - sewed Tina's ren faire costume all day
May 13th (Wednesday) - new water heater in house
May 15th (Friday) - in College Station for Matt's graduation
May 23rd (Saturday) - My BIRTHDAY - spent at Ren Faire, also, mery got engaged
May 25th (Monday) - Memorial day party with friends!
May 28th (Thursday) thru May 31st (Sunday) - in Dallas for A-Kon
June 1st (Monday) - Mom & Lynna come to visit & help with house - guest room & study are now painted
June 5th (Friday) - not going out of town, so we have a game night!

Wow, looking back at that, no WONDER we're exhausted. Happy, but drop dead tired! And in 2 days, I shall add June 11 (Thursday) - Welcomed 2 Bengal kitties into our new home.

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