Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My life is full of Awesome!

Okay, to start off - Blogger's "Google Blogs" April Fools is just funny.

And so are the comments on my facebook photo album cum birthday present for my bro about Milk In A Bag.

But, you know what, my life is full of even more awesome than that! So, today is my day to take from both the classic meme of counting your blessings and my friend Lily's blog and have a "Things I Like in my Life (and just plain things I like).

Thing One:
This Saturday I got to spend 2 hours with Tamora Pierce and her "spouse-creature" Tim. This was a pretty amazing event for me. I have been reading Tammy's books since I was about 14 (MaryLynn has a head start on me...she's 14 now and has been reading them for 2-3 years!) She writes well-crafted fantasy stories about girls growing up and discovering their strengths. Her heroines are interesting and often unsure of themselves. It is how they overcome their uncertainties that makes these characters truly interesting and believable. Spending time with Tammy over lunch was, therefore, a really awesome experience. I got some inside tips from a best-selling author on how to create interesting characters. And we talked about Star Wars, and politics and the publishing industry...and many other random things. Thanks Tammy, it was amazing!

(P.S. I made the mistake of forgetting to get a picture of Tammy & Tim...sad puppies. But this one from an AudioBook website is the closest to what she looked like when I saw her that I could find online. I guess authors who have been writing for a while have a large number of pictures - because I was amazed at how different she looked in her different pics.)

(P.P.S. I did not, however, make the mistake of not getting a book autographed. I may be silly but I'm not THAT silly!)

Thing Two:
Okay, this one falls in a "things I like" category. I found out the other day that David Tennant is playing Hamlet at the RSC. This is cool. Because it's awesome to see a really interesting actor go forth and play serious roles as well as funny ones. (Yes, I am aware that, for all intents and purposes Hamlet is about the least serious role you can get in a Shakespeare drama...or at least the most famous least serious one. But theatre people take the role seriously...which is what I meant.)

Thing Three:
This is a small, but big thing. My lovely pastor's wife Sue and, of course, my pastor Dan (but Sue comes first, 'cuz she's the to-be-mom) will be getting to adopt a baby this May. They found out last Thursday. Like I said, this weekend has been one for good news.

Thing Four:
I like lolcats. I really, really do. Why? Because they are funny. And they are cats. I want a cat. But I don't have one. But many, many lolcats are pictures of Bengal cats - because Bengal cats tend to do things that you want to take pictures of. Plus...SPOTS! My kitteh will be named Pounce. When I get her. Which is not yet. Because we are short of the monies. And therefore...no kittehs for the moment. Except lolcats. Like this one:
Humorous Pictures

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