Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moving Right Along (To the beat of a different drummer)

I saw this shirt online today and laughed smugly to myself. Not just because it is funny but also because, for me, it is true. I've been moving all over the place and each move has been different. I utilize everything from suburbans to suitcases. I have moved all my possessions that I "need" to live in 6 suitcases. I have loaned couches to friends. I have ruthlessly used said friends to help me move. I have done many, many things. I think the next time I have a "moving party" I will make it a costume one...or provide Zorro masks. Why? Because its FUN!
In other news, pray for me. God is showing me that stability is a thing I need to depend on Him for. And I'm having a nice little yelling contest with Him about His methods.

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