Friday, March 07, 2008

Tumbleweed Me (Good Advice)

I am sincerely tempted to photoshop up a picture of me as a tumbleweed. But I have no idea what it'd look like, except probably something out of a really bad '80s horror flick. So, no - I am nothing if not a professionally dressed tumbleweed. But a tumbleweed is what I am - the Texas tumbleweed that blows along, going from one place to another not out of its own voalition, but instead out of the whims of others. So, a new metaphor for my life as a temp.

Sometimes I wonder if I should've called this blog "the adventures of a temporary employee" or something like that. Perhaps. But I intend to be writing about my days much longer than I intend to be a temp. So there. It shall remain the enigmatic and inside joke "A Truck You Say?!" and that's that. For the true wisdoms behind my adventures as a temp, you may look to my up & coming wikiHow on "How to Succeed as a Temporary Employee" - where I dispense my hard won advice for free!

Someone once told me that advice is worth just about exactly what you pay for it, and I tend to agree...but I always take into consideration payments made not by me. For instance, when my Dad gives me advice, he dispenses it for the price of "I listen to him" - but the advice comes at the price of his own experience, which is considerable. Needless to say, I listen to his advice and usually (but not always) take it. I always, however, take something from it.

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