Thursday, March 06, 2008

Step by Step

Well, things are progressing here in the cold North. The wind doth blow and the snow doth fall and the drifts doth form. I eat my oatmeal with no sugar, only raisins (yay! This is good! Less sugar!) I'm also working on a D&D campaign that should be lots of fun. I'd love to say what it's all about, but some of the people who read this blog are in it. But this is my first time DMing, so I'm pretty excited. We're going to do the whole thing online - via e-mail & chat. Should be a good experience, y'know? Fun times shall be had by all.

I'm realizing now that this is the first post of March. Well, this week has been decidedly odd. I'm working at TD securities, at least a little - I'll get...31 hours total from them this week. But, honestly, the less hours are worth the less aggravation. I'm just covering shifts @ lunch & breaks...helping out with a few things, but even only working 6 hours, I still spend a lot of time just sitting around. Without a computer! Well, speaking of, I've gotta go. Don't want to be late, y'know.

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Chestertonian Rambler said...

I, too, end up eating oatmeal with no sugar and raisins.

Which is weird, 'cuz I don't particularly like oatmeal and mildly dislike raisins.