Monday, February 04, 2008

Do not expect complete lucidity

But then, why would you? Today is especially bad for me and completed thoughts expressing themselves on paper as I had an awful night's sleep. On the positive side of the balance, though, the Super Bowl was very, very fun to watch. We went to the party hosted by our church and had a whole lotta fun at the "Pembroke Castle" bachelor pad. It was a very exciting game to watch and the pastor's wife and her catering business provided the best munchies I've had in a very long time. burgers with bacon.

On Saturday Scott & I had our first date in a very long time. We went to the WinterCity festival put on by the city of Toronto. Photos I took of the flaming pots there will be posted shortly, probably. I took a lot of photos. After wandering around watching all the fun fires for a while, we took the streetcar down to a pub and listened to some harmonica blues. Good stuff indeed. Best of all, I got to be silly & romantic with my love. He's the best hubby a gal could ask for!

In prayer request news - we've been having a lot of insomnia lately. And I mean a lot. I'm drop dead tired right now...and I just had coffee about 25 minutes ago! Hopefully I'll be able to go home & collapse on the bed there. But not 'til 5. So I've gotta keep myself amused and awake until then. Any suggestions?

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Doing Better Than I Deserve said...

We went to a non-super-bowl party. We didn't find out even who won until later.

And we slept well. Not that I am positing a relationship between those two things.

But maybe there is a relationship between drinking coffee and sleeping. Even if you drink it in the AM? I don't know.

Sometimes worry causes insomnia. The best cure for worry is to do your best and give the rest to God to worry about. That is a whole lot easier to talk about than it is to do. But it is still a habit worth cultivating. It will help in the long run if not so much immediately.

The worst cures for insomnia are the chemical ones. They only work for a while and sometimes have side effects.

The second best cure (that I know about) for insomnia is to practice relaxation techniques. (deep breathing patterns, ... - I can give you the details if you are interested. But there are lots of places to find info about the techniques.) I have done this for years (off & on) and can feel (a little) rested after relaxing for 10 minutes even without sleeping. And sometimes it helps me go to sleep. Even when it doesn't (help me go to sleep) it gives my mind something to chew on instead of worrying about not sleeping on top of worrying about whatever I am worrying about.