Thursday, January 24, 2008

Changing as an author

Trying to write a novel is much, much harder than just writing a story. It's interesting to me - I'm working on my current story in a much different manner than any other I've ever written. Instead of leaping in and writing, writing, writing 'til I hit a block, I'm working from the back story. I don't even know what my main character's quirks are yet and I certainly haven't found her voice yet. Last year, with my beloved Friday Night Writes group meeting every other weekend, I would never have written this way - because it's impossible to get feedback if you don't write anything new at all! And, while I write new stuff's not actually new's more...notes. Long, long notes.

But at the same time, I firmly believe that I have FNW to thank for this new style. I know that it is the intricate, introspective and intense comments of each and every member that made me realize how much I really need everything I'm doing here. So thanks yous guys...and someday, maybe, I'll actually start this story in some sort of coherent form. I think I get closer each week.

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