Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh...wilderness is difficult to access you say?

O rly? Ya rly!

So, earlier this year I read an article about St. John's island. It is, apparently, the best place to see whales. I mean, whales love it here and you can too....if you want to go JUST here. See...I wanted it all. I didn't just want to fly in to St. John's, see whales & fly back. Oh no. I was determined to fly in to St. John's, take the ferry over to Nova Scotia, and from there take a train back by way of Quebec City.

But it can't be done! The planes land in one place. The ferry leaves from another! No problem, take a bus across the island! Beautiful scenery, fun times! Just add $100 per person & 9 hours in the bus. Okay, okay, I'm game...I'm betting traveling across Newfoundland would be terrific. But wait kids, there's more! Once you take the ferry across (very reasonable at $28 per person) then you're in North Sydney! No worries...just take the train from North Sydney. What? No train? Where is the closest train? Truro? Where the heck is Truro?! we're taking a bus to Truro and from Truro, a train to Quebec City and then a train to Toronto from QC. sum it all up....we're going in the summer...when the whales come down the St. Lawrence river almost to Quebec City. Which is 1 train ride away. With a nice 2 hour stopover in Montreal. Should be fun, no?!

And that, my friends, is the plan. Until I find something cooler.

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