Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Merrie Month of January part of my whole "preserving in my memory what it is like to live in Canada" thing I thought I might kind of look back at each month and see what it was like, how things compare, etc.
I actually started the month in Texas - which was terrific. New Years is so much better with friends than all alone. I can attest to both states and infinitely prefer to party late into the night with friends - although I will always have a special place in my heart for my first married New Years which was spent just the two of us. But, late late in the night on the 3rd of January, we wheeled our bags out of Pearson International Airport and made our way home. And thusly into...

January in Canada
First and foremost (since it seems to be what everyone asks about): the weather. Yes, there is snow. Not as much of it as I'd hoped...I mean, if you've gotta be cold and have snow, why not do so to an extreeeeeme? But no, in Toronto the snow comes and goes...although it never completely leaves. But, much less fun than the snow are the short days. The sun is not really up when I arrive at work at 9AM in the morning and it has already begun its rapid descent when I leave at 5PM. Being a sun-loving gal, I'm really missing it! I mean...take this picture:

funny pictures

The tail is the sun...and I am that kitty. I miss my sunshine!

I also have to say...the tall, tall buildings of Toronto make for great wind tunnels. It can get so incredibly windy here! Which, of course, adds onto the cold a great, great deal. But, enough about the weather. Who really talks about the weather anyways?

Church. Church is great! We really, really like our church and January has been a good month for things! While we had to stop going to our Wednesday night small group due to Scott having a Wednesday night class, we have kept in touch with the members and will hopefully have a fun time celebrating the Super Bowl this Sunday. We have a new small group on Friday nights now, led by the pastor of our church - which is really, really great.

Temping. I'm still temping. It is still a mixed bag - usually along the lines of "the work itself is good-ish, the pay is relatively good and I like the flexibility but dang...I'm getting tired of being a nomadic worker!"

Settlers of Catan is not a "Toronto" thing - but it is our "new thing" and it is very good. TV in January suffers from the Writer's Strike. I am hopeful that Murdoch Mysteries will remain as fun as it has been (and I found out that it replays on Saturday afternoons, so I don't always have to stay up super late to watch it.)

That's the haps this January. February rolls around tomorrow and I couldn't be gladder - why? Because I have a TTC month pass and that means FREEEDOM!

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