Thursday, July 07, 2011

innocent's new Hungry? book

This book looks practical and innovative!

via CR Blog by Gavin Lucas on 7/5/11

Does the world really need a new cook book? Probably not. However, smoothie brand innocent's new recipe book, entitled Hungry? (published by 4th Estate, £20) really is rather good. Warning: this post may make you hungry!

The book is aimed at families with small children and, as well as over 100 recipes for straight forward dishes - some healthy and some indulgent treats - it is choc-full of helpful info like how to test for a good or bad egg, and an easy to read chart of what food is seasonal when. And there's plenty of fun stuff for kids to enjoy, such as the particularly excellent tips for how to make your popcorn last through an entire DVD. Also of note is the photography by Clare Shilland and the on-brand witty captions and copy in general – a trait which is one of innocent's strongest brand assets. Here a selection of spreads:

Couldn't resist a close up of this page. It's a picture of a burger but the caption references a Gavin. How do the guys at innocent know I'm all about the burgers?

Unsurprisingly there's a whole section devoted to fruit – and there's also a dedicated drinks section too, which includes a patented "wee-ometer" -  a graphic guide to help you work out whether or not you're drinking enough water by checking the colour of your wee:

Yet another nice touch - a pocket on the inside back cover, perfect for... well, you can read it for yourself.

We also very much like the 10 Commandments of Washing Up tea towel that came with the book (above).
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