Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Set of Musical Glasses

Add this to the list of "things I would have if I had more money than I knew what to do with."  Now, of course, I'm wondering if different liquids have different resonances.  Is there a set of glasses that come with silverware so you can get notes by tapping them?  Some enterprising beer (or root beer) company should make a bottle that they mark in a similar fashion so you can have an instant band by blowing over the mouth.

via Better Living Through Design by Katie on 6/7/11

These glasses would be excellent to have at your next dinner party, wouldn't they? The graphics are musical notations for the correct level of liquid to produce the perfect pitch when a user runs their finger along the rim of the glass. As the price is for a set of 2, you'll need to shell out a fair amount of dough to get a complete octave.

musical glass
Comes as a set of two.
Also available directly from Luna & Curious for £23.50.

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