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"If a programming language was a boat… ...

I believe my friends in the world of computing will find this amusing.

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By Tony ⋅ April 4, 2008 ⋅ Post a comment

This one is inspired by a recent forum post, that still leaves me in amazement.
Hi, Im wondering how i can create a boat in turing and if someone can post a example.
This makes no sense, since one doesn't normally make water vehicles in Turing, the programming language. Though this got me thinking — if a programming language was a boat, what would it be?


Turing would definitely be a kayak (thank you for comments). It's small. It's human powered. It's often used as a beginner "boat". And it's also very Canadian.
Turing programming language as a canoe
Original photo by naokomc


Java is a cargo ship. It's very bulky. It's very enterprise~y. Though it can also carry a lot of weight. Will carry a project, but not very fun to drive.
Java programming language as a cargo ship
Original photo by cfarivar


Perl is a tugboat. Powerful enough to tug Java around, in 80 characters or less.
Perl programming language as a tugboat
Original photo by xeeliz


Ruby is difficult to describe. It's sleek, sexy, and very fun to drive. Here's a picture. Very trendy.
Ruby programming language as a speed boat
Original photo by Tony Falcon


PHP is a bamboo raft. A series of hacks held together by string. Still keeps afloat though.
PHP programming language as a raft
Original photo by permanently scatterbrained


C is a nuclear submarine. The instructions are probably in a foreign language, but all of the hardware itself is optimized for performance.
C programming language as a nuclear submarine
Original photo by Ryan C. McGinley


HTML isn't really a
programming language
HTML is not a boat
Original photo by ascendeddaniel
There's a lot more to this, and it's all up for discussion. How would your favourite programming language fare in open waters?

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