Monday, April 11, 2011

Artistic Integrity

Sometimes, it's all about HOW you don't swear. Thank you, P!nk, for proving that when you make art, you don't have to prove you were swearing on your radio version.

Here's the "Over 13" version, for comparison. (Please note, as should be obvious by this post, this version has swearing in it. Additionally, the first 10 seconds of the video implies that a husband and wife have sex. If this kind of thing is not what you want to watch, then I suggest you stick with the above version.)

My point here is that BOTH of these versions are official versions by the artist - both of the video and the song. Most people would think that, given her punk-rocker image, P!nk would not only litter her song with swear words, she'd also be sure you knew, in the radio version, exactly what she was saying. (You've heard those songs, the ones where the minimum milliseconds are bleeped out and you can hear the beginning and the end of the word, leaving no doubt, not only that swearing went on, but what was said.) It's good to see artists taking artistic pride in not only their original version, but also the censored version. How's that for a response to censorship.

This song is one of my favorites - I truly identify with the protagonist of the video, having grown up being looked down on as a "Homeschool Girl" - I'm happy to report that I've reached the confident end, with success, joy and an identity I challenge anyone to diss. One day, I'll show this video to my teenage daughter.

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