Thursday, March 31, 2011

Practical Benefits of Working at a Fire Department

Anyone who has been near me for longer than 50 minutes in the last month has probably heard me talk about why I love my new job.  Working for the City of Round Rock - and specifically for the Round Rock Fire Department has more perks than a coffee shop.

It is my hope that many of the more obvious practical benefits of working with a group of highly trained life-savers will never be something I actually need.  However, today I experienced one of the highly valuable, extremely practical benefits of working at a fire station.  Today I got a flat tire.

I called my boss, who reminds me of my father more and more with each coming day.  (Seriously, when you visit me next, Dad, you need to meet my boss, ya'll would see eye to eye.)  He asked me if I wanted one of the guys to come down and change my flat for me.  At first, I thought I'd just use USAA (which is an awesome service I love having, when I'm not in the Round Rock city limits).  But then, I realized - it was still rush hour.  It would take USAA at least 45 minutes to just get a guy out to me.  I called him back.  Within 10 minutes, I had three guys from Engine 2 changing my tire, Nascar style.  I arrived at the office by 30 minutes after eight.  

So thanks guys, thanks Mr. Six (boss's nickname) and thank you God - I work at the Round Rock Fire Department (Training Division) and I couldn't be gladder!

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