Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Which is worse - the illness or the cure?

You know that feeling that you get when your "non-drowsy" meds are actually quite drowsy? It feels like instead of blood you have water and it's flowing down your veins at half speed - which is simultaneously faster than normal blood (since water is less viscous than blood) and slower, since it's actually moving slower, as previously mentioned. Focusing is difficult. The world passes by you, as if you were on a train or bus, looking out a slightly clouded window into a cold, cruel world.

This is the blog post of that medication. It apparently increases my metaphoric tendencies while at the same time decreasing my speed and accuracy of typing. I wish not to be on these meds anymore. I really wish not to be at work any more. My nice, warm bed is where I would prefer to be located at this moment. With a book on tape droning at me 'til I fall asleep. That would be perfect.

None of that for me, though.

I shall instead attempt to work - knowing that my attempts are probably going to be miserable failures or at least misguided and taking 2x as long as necessary.

Allergies are no fun. Allergy meds are also no fun. I don't know whether I am good to drive or will be when it is time to go home. This is also not a good thing. I wonder if there's a way to get Scott over here to drive me home. Or to church. Or whatever.

Prayers appreciated.

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