Friday, November 14, 2008

Music Through the Years

You know how sometimes songs come back to you, songs you haven't listened to in 10 years or more, songs you don't even like any more?! That's what happened to me today. I have "Every Heartbeat" by Amy Grant stuck in my head. So, in 5 year increments, can you find a song, artist & genre that was significant to your life? Here's mine

Age 5
Song: The Wheels on the Bus
Artist: Raffi
Genre: Anything with repeatable lyrics, Hymns

Age 10
Song: "Every Heartbeat" - Amy Grant
Artist: Twila Paris
Genre: Christian Pop

Age 15
Song: "Socially Acceptable" - DC Talk
Artist: MercyMe
Genre: Christian Rock & Praise Band

Age 20
Song: "Ballad of San Francisco" - Caedmon's Call
Artist: SuperChic[k]
Genre: Folk, Christian Punk, Broadway Musicals

Age 25
Song: "The Call" - Regina Spektor
Artist: The Killdares
Genre: Punk Ska, Broadway Musicals, Celtic Rock

PS - right now? I'm listening to "Stand in the Rain" by SuperChic[k]

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