Monday, August 25, 2008


hmmm, looking at my "post count", I see that I have the same number of posts as Cruella de Ville wanted puppies. Well, had...because assuming I post this blog entry, I'll go up to 102. And the sequels just don't count. I mean, if they had been good and contributed to the puppy-positive lifestyle, sure...but as it is, all that happened was a bunch of people who weren't ready to have fractious & nervy dogs bought dalmatians - which meant that 3-6 months later, a whole lot of puppies were in the pound. All this to say...101 I mean, probably 25% of these posts will prove worthwhile...if I'm lucky. But then, I've enjoyed each and every one like a cool glass of minty tea. (Mmmm....minty tea!)

So, how to go about making this post one of the 1/4th that are both interesting and erudite? Frankly, I'm not sure. My impulse is to write about moving to Austin...but, really, we haven't done much here that's really "Austin" yet. Let's see...we did meet some interesting people at a t.u. mixer whilst trying some very good ice cream. Actually, that ice cream WAS pretty terrific. Amy's Ice Cream FTW! I had the rich chocolate (don't remember their adjective) and it was like unto Godiva or Dove chocolate...mmm.

Hmmm, what else? Well, we've been to two churches so far. Hope Chapel & Great Hills Baptist. Hope Chapel was just about right in size & attitude...but the pastor's preaching was odd - uncertain is the best word for it - he didn't seem to speak from authority. Great Hills Baptist was incredibly LARGE, which lost it points, but other than that...I liked it muchly. They have an AWANA program, the preaching was both authoritative and with a vision...I really want to hear this sermon series that gets started on the 7th. They were also friendly and had good coffee (not a church picking thing, just a statement of fact.) Of course, Great Hills is COMPLETELY across town...$8 to get there and back by car. Which, I guess, when I get a job and we have money, will be fine...but right now that's a hard monetary pill to swallow.

While at Great Hills, I had a conviction to trust God. That's the best way to describe it. It really had not a whole lot to do with the church. More with what God is telling me in my life right now. God is awesome, powerful and basically the King of Kings - and what He commands...happens. So, today I am spending a lot of time asking God to show me His plan for my life - both in this next year and in the next 5 years and in the next 10 years! So, join me in prayer today as I learn what God has in store for me.

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