Sunday, August 10, 2008

Furniture on the rise...

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Just in case the Lolcat I made doesn't say it all, let me elucidate the pain and the glory that is Ikea. We came out of the store $410 poorer, but with 5 bookshelves (each having 5 shelves for the storing of books), another bookshelf for games in the closet, an awesome curvy red desk for me, a super comfy chair for the living room, two side tables that now grace our living room and various sundries such as wall lamps, coffee mug holders, waste paper baskets, wine glass racks, lingonberry jam & pomegranate apple sparkling juice.

We have now bolted, screwed, hammered and shoved together about 90% (we need to buy the right screws to put the lamps & wine glass racks in the wall/underside of the cabinet) and I have to say, I am highly pleased!

The other great thing about going to Ikea was taking my Mom, her friend, MaryLynn & her friend and Dad along for the ride. The reactions were as predictable as can be. Mom & Genna loved the whole thing and are already planning their next trip (I'm insisting they visit me on the way!) MaryLynn & Carson goofed off - each finding interesting things to look at and having fun with each other more than anything else. Dad was a trooper - and I think he enjoyed it as much as he COULD...even if that wasn't terribly lots.

We all liked breakfast. Ikea breakfasts are as delicious as they are cheap. I mean it - I wish there was one close by so I could go there JUST for breakfast! $0.99 for eggs, bacon & hashbrowns is pretty amazing, no?

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