Saturday, July 12, 2008

This one's coming to you from Plano

This summer is being a great time for two things in the Hannah Life - travelling & movies. This week I have been to Tulsa, Oklahoma...and watched Hancock & Get Smart. Hancock was about as I thought it would be - a feel good superhero flick with nothing really amazing or new in it. (Although I did get a writer's lesson in what NOT to do when you have 2 plot lines!) Get Smart was WAY better than I thought it would be. There were no fart jokes. The "fat joke" turned out to be hilarious - because the fat lady was laughing at everyone else! The humor was both intelligent and slapstick - a nice combination if you ask me! All in all, a good movie to see!

And now...the compulsory kitteh:
more cat pictures

Also to note - we had an FNW last night! Hoorayyyy! We did Lizard of Truth and read Scott's dream sequence and my new character introduction. I can't WAIT 'til we get established in Austin and can have FNW 2.0 meetings with a group down there. *crosses fingers*

Okay - time to get a towel and pull my not-swimming clothes together for Mark & Trisha's party!

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