Friday, July 18, 2008

Speed Racer

I liked it. No, really, it was happy candy for my eyes. Plus, the plot was just unpredictable enough, the races were consistently fun to watch and the family that was the heart of the movie was fun, interesting and totally relate-to-able. I liked that the good guys fulfill their promises, I liked that the protagonist struggled and was not perfect. It was an all-around, good, clean, fun flick and I would see it again tomorrow. Heh, maybe I WILL! (I could take Lynna - Yay $1.75 movies theater!) All in all, it had a more coherent plot than Hancock, a better message than Wanted (but then, so does a used car commercial, so that's not saying much) and was an all around fun film. And that, my friends, is my opinion.

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