Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Looking forward to heading back to the states!

As I lean back in my plush pink swively rocky chair I think about the various things that I will leave behind when we leave Canada. Scott and I spent about 30 minutes yesterday talking about the things we plan to take with us when we go home, the things we'll leave and those few things we will really miss. It's an interesting cross section of our life here in Toronto.

Things we'll be taking:

Our rice cooker. We love our rice cooker, we love its non-stick surface, we love its size and its efficiency.

The legs from our Ikea desk/table. This is a "if we have room" item, but I really hope we have room. These are red Ikea legs that will go on any Ikea table top. We can't afford the weight to bring the table top, but I figure, it'll be fun to pick out a new one, perhaps a rounded one...and this'll be my craft table/desk.

Our Pom glasses. We started this year by buying 2 glass containers of "Pom" pomagranite tea. Mine has a little color on it, Scott's has the Pom logo in relief. These glasses have been our individual water/juice/ginger ale/chocolate milk glasses all year long and will always instantly evoke memories of this year.

Our pillow top mattress cover - I bought this one in a queen size intentionally so that we could use it later. I mean, we can't leave all our $100 purchases in Canada, eh?

Things we'll be leaving with much regret

Our beautiful swirly red lamp shade. Well, maybe if I can fit it in doesn't weigh much!

The bookshelf we spray painted red. It's pretty - but not pack-able.

The aforementioned tabletop.

My black boots - they've served well, but their time is slowly becoming past.

Our Goodwill overcoats - they have served their purpose and will be retired...probably back at a Goodwill somewhere.

Things we miss...and are looking forward to reclaiming

A bathtub...any bathtub. 'Nuf said.

Our couch...with the bed and the relaxing for a has not been the same without you, green/blue couch!

Many, many books. We had to leave so many good friendly books behind!

My sewing stuff! I hadn't realized how much a part of my life I'd made sewing...until I didn't have it for a year!

Summer. I miss summer. I miss the sunlight. I miss the heat. And could do without the bitter wind.

My craft & scrapbooking stuff. This is really more about the space to lay it all out and DO crafts and scrapbooking...I brought some stuff with me, but haven't really been able to use it for lack of space.

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