Monday, January 28, 2008

An interesting experience on the Subway...and other things as well.

Well, this weekend was nice and relaxing. I don't think I even touched the computer on Sunday until after 10pm! It's not because, as has happened with some positions, work has made me sick of the computer. (Although, on another note entirely, I think that having a Mac in a PC world has made the "work" computers and the "home" computer very different in a positive way.) Instead, I just felt so relaxed yesterday...relaxed without being bored, which is very difficult to achieve. It was the combination of a hubby who was at a low-stress point with school (He managed to do most of his schoolwork on Saturday while I was out getting groceries.), having a really excellent book to read whenever I felt like it and a feeling of "less guilt" about not doing dishes or chores because I was just a little under the weather.

Today, I thought I was feeling better. But I wore the wrong clothes. It was a unique experience and one I'd really prefer not to repeat. I wore layers of clothes, each of which on its own is not confining, but together the circulation to my limbs is just slightly slowed - especially when I have to put my arms at awkward angles to reach the bar on the subway. I ended up feeling rather faint...what with the lack of good air in the subway car, the low circulation and the crowds. I actually had to crouch down in and amongst was really, really odd and awkward. But I know if I hadn't, I would have fainted. Thankfully, soon thereafter someone got off the subway from a seat and a kind man behind me made sure I got to sit down. It was an interesting experience, certainly, but not one I care to repeat...ever. I haven't "almost blacked out" in a long time - but I now understand a little better why it is very important to know how to wear a corset and not just stumble into the thing blindly. Otherwise, going from a size 14 to a size 8 on the Corset Plan is decidedly inadviseable. Not that I was wearing a corset...but I associate fainting and corsets.

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