Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quantity is Job #1

I have realized that of late the quality of my prose is rather inconsistent. At times, I look back at my writing and say "I hath wrought well." and, at other times, a more appropriate response seems to be "Hyurh?!" I find that I must take responsibility for this lack of quality. However, I hope that by sheer number of posts, I shall be able to help you to ignore this bad form.

But, I hear you protest, you claim to be a writer. Why would I post anything that lacks in poetry, grace, eloquence..? This is a fair question and deserves a fair answer. And so to you I say -


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Lacey Casey (it rhymes) said...

to the contrary, my dear friend, to the contrary! i always take great delight in reading your works. they are, to say the least, inspiring, humorous, witty, and in my opinion, very well thought out. keep up the good work, and i shall keep reading.

write on!