Thursday, January 17, 2008

Movin' Right Along...

There is something about the music of an era. Take Frank Sinatra, for instance. I know, I know, Frank Sinatra is not in and of himself and era. So take "big band" music. Immediately upon hearing "L.O.V.E." I drift back to a time before I ever existed. Where women floated on dance floors in gauzy dresses with fluffy haircuts and men actually owned coats with tails. Where people gathered around a radio to listen to soft voices together. And then tuned in to Dick Tracy and Rick Diamond. I like this era...when the movies were in black and white and they knew how to use lighting.

What music will typify our current "era"? Gee wiz, I hope it's not rap.


Chestertonian Rambler said...

Classic 00's music will be the quiet, introspective white-adolescent music of Matchbox 20 and the like.

90's music will be rap.

Lacey Casey (it rhymes) said...

I couldn't agree more! Let's concoct some sort of time traveling machine and bring back some of that charm!