Monday, January 21, 2008

I do not want this to turn into a blog about TV

I really, really don't! But, I have to say it is good to live in Canada during the writer's strike. CTV, that's Canadian TeleVision, is right now showing Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Starring Summer Glau (River from Firefly) as a beautiful machine who gets hit by cars a lot. And takes high school biology. Sample dialogue:
Mom: "I'm going to have dinner with him."
Son: "What, you mean like a date?"
Mom: "No, not a date."
Beautiful Robot: "Are you going to kill him?"

Coming up soon is a show that I can't remember the name of but just saw a commercial for - about a guy who is a singing prophet or some such thing. Sounds worth continuing to watch the commercials for, no?

Don't get me wrong - CTV shows a lot of American shows...but it also shows some interesting Canadian ones. Now, if only I could get BBC Canada. Ah well, at least I have HGTV Canada.

Plus - more William Shatner in our commercials.

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Rachel said...

Actually, both of those are American shows. "Eli Stone" is the prophet one. (It looks weird. But, George Michael.)